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Perth's Premium Ice Bath Recovery Centre

Floating Ice Cubes

With our state of the art facility in Dianella & range of premium "pop up" ice bath solutions, we provide Perth's BEST icebath experience to individuals, small groups, sporting clubs and corporate teams.

At Rec Lab we respect the power of the cold, and pride ourselves on coaching each person through their first dip, so that they can achieve the incredible physical, mental and emotional benefits that icebath's have to offer.

Check Out Our Glowing 5 Star Reviews

"I recently had my first ice dip experience and was quite nervous about it, as I tend to "tap out" as soon as I'm not comfortable... However, Pete was friendly with a wealth of knowledge and his guidance with breathing techniques really helped my body and mind overcome the overriding urge of GTFO! Beautiful little space, clean and had a calming atmosphere. Highly recommend the Rec Lab experience, even if you hate the cold. For those few minutes, you are truly present and in the moment.. and afterwards you feel so invigorated! Thank you for a great first dip, can't wait for the next one!"

Justine Chong

Pete is super passionate and knowledgeable and was a great guide. Super clean space and beautiful setting. High on endorphins now! Highly recommend! Give it a go if you want a mental challenge and feel amazing!

It is so hard to find effective and affordable recovery options in Perth, that's why Rec Lab is here! We provide premium & affordable ice bath recovery options for you to use, hire and buy.

You are going to leave Rec Lab not only with a massive dopamine hit, huge smile and slight chill, but having conquered yourself, improved your mood, cognitive function, relieved sore muscles and joints, increase your immune function and aided the weight loss process. 


All of these incredible benefits are found in using our state of the art Facility in Dianella, Perth & through the highest quality product we have for sale and hire.


Rec Lab's Icebath

Let us take you through the process of getting your Ice Bath.


During your first session at Rec Lab you will be taken through a breathwork practice that is designed to help calm and relax you by activating your parasympathetic nervous system. This practice is incredibly helpful and is ideally done before each of your dips.

Ice Bath

Once calmed and aligned with your breath, you will guided into bath with some instructions around safety and breathing techniques. From here, the timer will start and it will be you, yourself and your breath. We will provide audible ques to follow with your breath and change the lighting to suit your level of comfort.


Upon finishing your dip, you will exit the bath, dry of and be taken through a series of Ti Chi inspired movements, that will help your blood to flow back to your extremities, as well as warm you up.

Get the Most Out of Your Session

Guided Breathing Dips

Our guided breathing dip protocol is all about helping you to take control of your mind and body while dipping. With a digitally guided breathing display in front of you to ensure focus, this is the best way to experience your first dips, whilst building real resilience and grit. 

Orb of water for Guided breathing dips

At RecLab, we offer three unique experiences, so you can tailor the session to your needs and individual goals.

Zen Meditation Dips

Our zen meditation dip protocol is for those who have already learnt how to calm their mind and body when faced with the mental walls that arise when dipping. We remove all stimulants so that it's just you, the beautiful icy water, a dim blue light and whatever lays within.... 

Splash of water for Zen Meditation Dips

Brain Activation Dips

Our brain activation dip protocol is for those who have control and want to get the maximum benefit out of their dips. Based on studies that show if you can activate your prefrontal cortex (which typically shuts down when faced with a stressor like icy water), you can improve your mental cognition and responses to stress in your daily life.

Ice Cube for Brain Activation Dips

Take a Look Inside Rec Lab!

Rec Lab Price Packages

See our session price packages below.

Our prices range from 15 minutes to 1 hour long sessions.

Book with friends and save.

Casual Dips


15 minutes

Our casual dip gives you private access to the Rec Lab facility and one on one coaching through your first session.

Partnered Dip


30 minutes

Our partnered dip is for those friends, couples & mates that want to support, encourage and push each other to overcome themselves, in ways only each other can.

Group Dip

45 minutes

Our group dip option is for small groups of 5 or less people that want to see who is the most resilient amongst them. 


Corporate, Team & Club Hire

Our Corporate, Team & Club hire includes setup of inflatable marquee, high quality portable icebaths, powerful 2HP chillers & filters, along with qualified icebath coaching (including breathwork & warm up exercises), guidance and icebath challenges. 

We offer a range or corporate team building & sporting club packages that can be run at our facility in Dianella or easily setup onsite at your business or sporting ground. 


Rec Lab Store

Choose from our Rec Lab Original Portable and Inflatable Ice Bath's or hire a RecLab Filter/ hiller.

Rec Lab Logo
Health and wellness workshop with ice bath

Workshop & Retreat Hire

We understand the power of icebaths when combined with breathwork, meditation & introspection, which is why we have made our icebaths and chillers available to hire for health and wellness workshops and retreats.


Our workshop & retreat hire includes high quality portable icebaths, powerful 2 HP chillers and filtration systems, pumps and simple set up and pack down instructions.


About Us

Conceived on an ayahuasca retreat in the sacred valley of Peru in early 2017, the Rec Lab concept has travelled with founder Pete around the world for over 5 years. Quietly expressing itself through his passions of intense physical exercise, meditation and spiritual growth, mental resilience practices, recovery and healing, a belief in helping others and ritualistic early Friday morning beach swims with his father (rain, hail or shine) at Perth's City Beach. 

In 2022 Rec Lab finally came into this world with the help of a complete career change, some incredible friends and an opportunity to further follow his desire to help people heal, grow and better themselves. 

The first part of Rec Lab's concept starts with cold water immersion therapy (ice baths). What we can promise you is that you will also discover an experience that goes far beyond getting cold, far deeper than your core temperature dropping and far further than the four walls that you will challenge yourself in.

Pete and his Dad doing an Ocean Swim
Water Texture

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